My story…..

On a random day, that one random thought and one adrenaline rush later, I was born. Though I was dreamt about many times but I finally took a physical form on 2nd October 2015 since then it was never looking back.

I was a baby- new and tiny. Just like a new born requires care and love to grow, I was nurtured in a similarly day after day. I was a seed and now I am a 3 years old plant.

Instagram was my first baby step. Marking an online presence in this fast paced era of e-commerce was challenging. I am now one of the leading pages for all kinds of Bags. I carry a responsibility of providing the best quality handcrafted vegan bags. Hand bags, totes, duffle, wallets, I have it all.

I grew as a company. Years of hard work, engagement and dedication has made me what I am today. The ideology behind my creation has always been to create a one stop marketplace for all kinds of bags. You think about a bag and I would have it. I am smart to understand the need of changing fashion trends everyday and hence work on upgrading myself continuously to set the standards.  Now I took a big step and launched myself as a website to reach a lot more people.



Bags can set the mood instantly! Don’t believe it?

 Look for your favourite outfit and think about the occasion when you wore it and clicked pictures, what made your outfit rock? A BAG! Right.

Oh you are wearing a pretty dress but without any pockets. Where would you keep your precious phone and your favourite lipstick along with some money? A BAG again!

Hitting the gym to achieve those sexy fitness goals. A GYM BAG would help you carry your water bottle and proteins.

A gorgeous looking outfit, what makes it classy and stylish? A BAG!

Running late for work? Don’t forget to carry your work essentials in a sturdy BAG.

Satiate your wanderlust with a quirky duffle bag.

Stand out in a wedding and complete your wedding look with an elegant clutch.

How can we forget our first school bag!

Bags are ubiquitous and are an absolute necessity.  

Previously in historic times bags were commonly referred to as tools formed of some loose material to carry, collect, store and transport things such as berries or food made of animal skin or plant woven fibres. Despite its simplicity bags were always fundamental for human development throughout the history. Now in modern times bags have completely revolutionized the way we look at them or use them.


This is the most essential part of bag making and selecting. First because not everyone likes a similar design, there has to be variations keeping in mind everyone’s taste and choices. Second because designing a bag is a live demonstration of one’s imagination. It takes a lot of effort to curate a perfect design, starting from sourcing the correct material, setting the first form or draft for bag, preparing a combination of material and cloth if used and a lot of modifications later finally getting the first sample right. However, this is what my team does. We love to create and curate unique designs for you. We aim to provide you with new and a variety of designs in budget for every occasion at your doorstep.


Imagine you have ordered a bag and waiting for it patiently to arrive. You receive a parcel, open it and to your dismay find it damaged or different from the product you ordered. How would you react then? Quality of a product can make or mar the faith a customer puts in a brand. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction is what we swear by. We handpick our products, make them go through multiple checks and deliver it to you in best of conditions. Though we keep rigorous checks and monitor the product till delivery, it might happen that the product delivered is damaged or different after all we are humans and make errors. We request our customers to have faith in us and let us solve your problems quickly and effectively.


We as human beings have a moral responsibility of protecting and taking care of the environment we live in and its components. We love animals and are strictly against any cruelty or benefits derived from them. We do not use any products that are animal derived or are harmful to the environment.

 Microfiber Leather is vegan leather, which is a high quality grade substitute for real/animal leather gives better physical and chemical strength over the years and is mainly used in our products. It is also known by names as Artificial leather. It is the best replacement for real leather as it is not derived from animal skin and is eco-friendly since it easily degrades in environment.

Some of the other products used are hard silicone and cloth which are not harmful to the environment. We also believe in transparency hence provide a clear description of materials that we use in our bags.



When in trend it’s on The Trend Makers! We go by our tagline and try to accommodate all types of demanded bags for on the go lifestyle. It is crazy how fast the trend changes each day and so the demand. When I was started a few years back, it was challenging to meet the expectations. Now that I have understood how to grow and update, I keep pushing myself to do better. I plan to create a marketplace for all types of bags in all ranges and varieties for all types of people. This is a far sighted vision of what I plan to become. But for now I love when people appreciate me for the beautiful designs, quality and service. It helps me up my game. Of course there are set-backs but then I keep going due to the support and love that people have showered on me. In coming times my team would improve and you would get to see a better and bigger marketplace for bags. The Trend Makers would be a one stop destination for bag lovers. We promise to go that extra mile to meet your demands and provide extraordinary products.